Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! We had a wonderful time hononoring our service Men & Women with lots of friends and family! Among our list of fun activities was a lot of swimming, eatting and enjoying the company of those who served in our great military! We had a busy Memorial Day. We started the weekend off with a end to our Tball season. We had our team party with a cook out and play time with friends. We had a great team this year and our coaches will be hard to top in the years following. Carson is so super proud of his trophy!

While Brian was out playing golf Monday morning, Cooper learned that he can sit on his own! He sat in the kitchen watching me cook these yummy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip bars that I found earlier last week over here. These were super easy and oh so yummy! I made a double batch and I'm so glad that i did because they were gone before the cookout was over!

Cooper also went swimming for the first time and loved it! He loves floating around in the water and Carson enjoyed helping him spalsh around.

Carson should be a fish! He looks forward to swimming all summer long and will start his private swimming lessons next week!

Oh the joys of summer with my sweet boys! Too bad I have to head off to work!

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